Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp program is designed to promote better nutrition for low-income families by increasing their food purchasing power. 

If your application is screened as an emergency, eligibility will be determined within seven days. Regular processing is thirty days from the date of application. 

Eligibility for Food Stamps and the amount of the allotment varies according to the number of eligible household members, income, resources, deductions, and other eligibility factors. Food Stamp allotments are based on the date that the agency receives your application. 

If you think you may be eligible, you should file your application immediately. 

Empowering Culpeper

Empowering Culpeper provides food commodities (staples) for low-income families in Culpeper County.

The distribution is held each month at Culpeper United Methodist Church (1233 Oaklawn Drive), from 9-11 a.m. The Culpeper Connector provides drop off and pick up transportation to the church.

Families that are income eligible will be enrolled to receive food commodities on a monthly basis. Households that receive Food Stamps or Medicaid or

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are automatically eligible.

Please be there on time-registration and distribution takes a little time.

VOLUNTEERS are always needed for unloading, packaging and distribution

WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays around the distribution dates.

For More Information, call (540) 727-0372

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) 

Households have to meet income tests unless all members are receiving TANF, SSI, or in some places general assistance. Most households must meet both the gross and net income tests, but a household with an elderly person or a person who is receiving certain types of disability payments only has to meet the net income test. Click on the below link for current SNAP guidance:  


TANF is a program that provides temporary financial assistance to eligible families and children. The family receives a monthly cash payment to meet their basic needs. To be eligible, a family must be financially needy and must meet certain other requirements.

Most able-bodied adult TANF recipients are required to participate in the Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare (VIEW) program. VIEW is the work program that requires able-bodied parents to work. A family taking part in VIEW will receive help in finding a job. They may also receive help with child day care costs and transportation. A recipient may still get a TANF check even if they are working. A family who has someone in the VIEW program may receive TANF for no longer than 24 months followed by a period of ineligibility. An applicant must cooperate in naming the parents of all eligible children and must help establish paternity for each of them.




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