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Submission of Building Permit Application and Plan Review


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Residential and Commercial Building Application is accompanied by a Checklist of the necessary paperwork.  Below is a summary of the list. 


1) Three (3) sets of detailed plans along with the Health Permit (if not on Town water); 


2)  Zoning Permit (Other details are required by Planning & Zoning; please visit their web page for details).


Culpeper County Planning & Zoning (540) 727-3404 


Town of Culpeper Planning & Community Development (540) 829-8260





The application and all attachments are submitted to the Plans Reviewer who verifies the information on the application with the plans and reviews the plan submittal package for code compliance. After applicant's plans are reviewed and appear to be in compliance, square footage is computed and the application and plans are "Approved."  

When trade permits (electric, plumbing, mechanical) are to be issued with the building permit, the owner can pull permits for the job if the owner is doing his/her own work, or can have the sub-contractor's fill out the appropriate information on the application and sign it (this will enable the applicant to pick up the trade permits) or the applicant can have the sub-contractor come in. The contractor should have a copy of their Virginia contractor's license along with the appropriate trademen license. All trade permits must be pulled before the work is started. 

After the permit has been issued the homeowner/contractor calls for the appropriate inspections with the permit number and the name in which the permit was issued. Currently, inspections can be scheduled for next day if called in before 2:00 p.m.  

Footing excavations and reinforcement material for concrete footings prior to the placement of concrete. This includes concrete slabs.

Foundation systems during phases of construction are necessary to assure compliance with the building code. Block work, brickwork, poured concrete walls and especially where the thickness of the wall changes to accommodate a veneer covering.   

·         Preparatory work prior to the placement of concrete.

·         Structural members and fasteners prior to concealment. Insulation including foundation if applicable.

·         Electrical, mechanical and plumbing materials and systems prior to concealment.

·         Energy conservation material prior to concealment. Insulation including foundation if applicable.

·         A final inspection upon completion of building/structure. 

In certain cases other inspections may be required depending on site specific circumstances. If you have any questions regarding the need for and timing of an inspection, it is your responsibility to call the Building Inspection Office and confirm the specific requirement. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in State Violations.  

If a residence of the "County" and not on Town Water, the homeowner/contractor should have a water test 2-3 weeks before the final inspection for occupancy. When the test results are received, they should be taken directly to the Health Department. The Health Department will issue a Sewage Disposal System Operation Permit. Once approved by the Health Department, the homeowner/ contractor must provide a copy to our office referencing the permit number.  A Final Inspection will not be scheduled without the Operation Permit Approval.


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