Over the next year Culpeper County will be undertaking an update to the Comprehensive Plan, to be adopted in 2022.

The Comprehensive Plan is Culpeper County's official policy guide for current and future land-use decisions. This Plan should be considered long-range in nature and should provide a picture of how Culpeper wishes to develop over the next 5 to 20 years. As a policy document, the Comprehensive Plan provides a means for the County's citizens and decisions makers to determine the best methods or strategies for achieving the goals conceptualized in this Plan.

 After returning to the office after the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and launching our public engagement initiative, we have begun reworking on the drafts that were previously posted.  This is why most of them are currently unavailable.  Once drafts are completed, they will be posted here.


Draft Chapter 1- Demographic Overview

Draft Chapter 2- Land Use

Draft Chapter 3- Transportation

Draft Chapter 4- Environment & Cultural/Historic Resources

Draft Chapter 5- Economic Development

Draft Chapter 6- Community Resources

Draft Chapter 7- Utilities

Draft Chapter 8- Housing (Might be moved into chapter 2)

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