Full-time regular employees will accrue leave in accordance with the following schedule.


Less than five (5) years of service 12 hours per month
Five (5) but less than fifteen (15) years of service 16 hours per month
Fifteen (15) or more years of service 20 hours per month


***Employees leave accrual may be different than listed above depending on the department which he or she is employed.


Employees must be on a paid status for at least half of the month to accrue leave for that month; employees who are on a paid status for less than half of the month do not accrue leave in that month.


Employees are eligible to accrue up to 720 hours of annual leave.  Once the 720 hours figure is reached, annual leave will no longer accumulate, but will be lost, until sufficient leave is taken to bring the employees accumulated balance below the maximum allowable amount.


Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave is defined as an approved employee absence during regularly scheduled work hours due to the death of a member of the employee's immediate family.  For the purposes of bereavement leave, an employee's immediate family shall be defined as the employee's: spouse; children, including step-children and foster children; parents, including step-parents; parents-in-law; grandparents; grandparents-in-law; sons-in-law; daughters-in-law; grandchildren; brothers, including step-brothers; brothers-in-law; sisters, including step-sisters; sisters-in-law; any relative, either blood or marriage, living in the employee's household.


For one incident, bereavement leave shall be limited to three (3) consecutive days for any regular full-time employee and shall be taken within a reasonable time frame after the death of the immediate family member.


Civil Leave (Jury Duty)

A regular full-time employee shall be given time off without charge to other leave or decrease of pay when performing jury duty; when subpoenaed as a witness on County business, or in a proceeding in which the employee is not a party.  The period of such leave shall be only as necessary for the performance of the activity, plus the necessary travel time.


* For Information about the Family and Medical Leave Act, please contact the Human Resources Department.


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