The Finance Department works in conjunction with the Treasurer's Office to ensure the financial integrity of the County's governmental operations and the County’s resources. It is responsible for financial compliance and reporting, including enforcement of the financial policies as adopted by the Board of Supervisors and coordination of the annual audit for the County. 


The Finance Department assists the County Administrator with the preparation of the County’s annual budgets. Finance staff also coordinates with financial advisory services for the County’s debt issuances including School debt; handles risk management for all property and casualty insurance; accounts payable and payroll.



The Finance Department specifically performs the following services:


General Accounting and Reporting

Maintenance of official accounting records for the County, which include accounting for County-wide transactions and internal control functions, such as:

  • Provide customer service to employees, customers, vendors and other agencies;
  • Develop & monitor accounting policies;
  • Perform month and year end financial close;
  • Coordinate annual external audit;
  • State Compensation Board reimbursement oversight; 
  • Coordinate annual cost allocation plan; 
  • Manage Fixed Asset ledger maintenance; 
  • Advise on accounting procedures for new agreements / system implementations; 
  • Monitor, implement and advise on new financial regulations (GAAP, GASB, etc); 


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of invoices, travel and all related costs incurred by the County in addition to:

  • Data entry into the financial accounting system; 
  • Audit invoices and travel reimbursement for compliance with County Policies; 
  • Maintain master vendor listing; 
  • Generate and mail checks; process ACH payments; 
  • Prepare County 1099 reporting; 
  • Provide customer service to County employees and vendors; resolve any questions or issues that may arise concerning vendor payments; provide detailed information of County accounts payable policies and procedures.


Payroll Processing and Reporting

Payroll is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of the County’s monthly payroll and reporting in addition to: 

  • Updating, reviewing and reconciling time entries; 
  • Updating, reviewing and reconciling payroll deductions; 
  • Setting up direct deposits; 
  • Generating and distributing checks and direct deposit; 
  • Handling all payroll accounting related activities to include reconciliation of payroll to general ledger, payments to third parties, payment of state and federal taxes and compliance reporting; 
  • Coordinate annual workers compensation audit; and, 
  • Provide customer service to County employees and outside agencies to resolve any questions or issues that may arise concerning payroll related matters; provide detailed information of federal and state payroll regulations and County payroll policies and procedures. 


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Phone: (540) 727-3427