Virginia Bill of Rights


Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act


·                     Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act

If you are a crime victim and have suffered physical, psychological, or economic harm as a direct result of any of the following crimes: any felony, assault and battery, stalking, sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, or driving while intoxicated, you may be entitled to:


1.  Protection

1.       From further harm and threats of harm

2.       Waiting area separate from the accused during court proceedings


2.  Financial Assistance

1.       Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund 

2.       Restitution for damages or loss

3.       Prompt return of property being held as evidence


3.   Notification

1.       Case status information

2.       Employer intercession services

3.       Prisoner release notification


4.  Victim Input

1.       Victim Impact Statement 

2.       Courtroom presence during trial

3.       Parole input for crimes occurring prior to 1/1/1995

4.       Plea Agreement Consultation


5.  Courtroom Assistance

1.       Confidentiality of address and telephone numbers

2.       Interpreter services

3.       Closed preliminary hearing in limited situations

4.       Use of two way closed circuit television in limited situations

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