In October 2008, the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors voted to eliminate the requirement for the display of a Culpeper County decal. As of January 1, 2009, citizens can remove the Culpeper County vehicle decals off of their windshield or motorcycle as the actual decal is no longer required. This follows the Town of Culpeper who eliminated the requirement of a Town Decal as of April 15, 2008 and approximately 50% of other localities throughout the State of Virginia have also eliminated the display of an actual decal.


Culpeper County continues to charge an annual Vehicle License Tax fee that is currently set at $25.00 for vehicles and $15.00 for motorcycles. This fee will be automatically billed on the annual personal property tax bill for those licensed vehicles owned in the county during each tax year.


Although the annual vehicle decal program was an effective collection tool when all localities throughout Virginia required a decal, it became impossible for law enforcement to police those vehicles that required a decal from those that did not. Local Treasurers are also using other collection tools such as the DMV Stop program to prevent citizen from re-registering vehicles if their personal property taxes are unpaid, Commonwealth of Virginia Setoff Debt program where state tax refunds are withheld to pay local taxes, bank liens, wage liens or other programs used to collect delinquent taxes. Please reference the Personal Property Collection Methods for more information on collection methods.


Additionally, elimination of the decal ends the annual “scrape & stick” process that required nimble hands and it also eliminates the confusion regarding decals for vehicles purchased or sold during the tax year.  


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