FY22 Adopted Budget


Culpeper County’s budget development begins each year in November and continues through the final budget adoption in May (see Budget Calendar). 


The process is designed to incorporate a rigorous internal review of each department’s budget and to allocate resources across departmental programs based on a thorough examination of program alternatives and justifications. Each activity funded has been reviewed by the County’s Budget Staff, the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors.  


By the end of March, the County Administrator submits a proposed operating budget for the fiscal year commencing July 1st to the Board of Supervisors. This operating budget includes proposed expenditures and the revenue sources needed to finance them. A public hearing is conducted in April to inform residents about the proposed budget and to gather taxpayer input to guide spending decisions.


During the year, the Board of Supervisors may approve amendments to original appropriations, primarily as a result of various Federal and State grant awards. Any appropriation during the year that would increase the total budget by more than 1% can be approved only after holding a public hearing on the proposed amendment. 


The Culpeper County Budget, which contains colorful graphics and concise descriptive text, tells the story of the Culpeper County Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.  View the Culpeper County Budget.





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