Friday, May 25, 2018

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This is a risk-needs assessment that identifies risk factors and the level of risk in a particular domain.  This information is helpful in identifying services designed to lower the identified risk level of the youth.  It can be used in schools, youth services and juvenile probation to assess youths' risks for negative outcomes.  

The YASI also identifies Protective Factors (strengths) that are likely to help reduce the negative impact of identified risk factors.   


These Risk and Protective Factors are compiled into 10 Domains.  These Domains are both Static (historical and unchangeable) and Dynamic (changeable) in nature.  They include: Legal History, Family, School, Community/Peers, Alcohol/Drugs, Mental Health, Aggression, Attitudes, Skills, Use of Free Time/Employment. 


The YASI includes a Pre-Screen, Full-Assessment and Re-Assessment.   


The Pre-Screen rapidly identifies youth who have Low Risk and have no identified need for additional services.   


The Full-Assessment, is a more detailed account of youth needs and is used to identify Moderate to Higher Risk levels. 


The Re-Assessment is provided to address the effectiveness or follow through of the recommendations given after the Full-Assessment to measure risks that may have been reduced.  


Please contact Mr. Dave Kemp or Mrs. Wanda Anderson if you need a YASI Screening or need additional information.