Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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OPTIONS opened in 1994 and originally served local juvenille offenders of a serious and chronic nature.   In 1997, OPTIONS made the transition from State to local funding and immediately began to shift its focus away from serious offenders to "first time" and "intermediate" offenders.  Over the past several years, OPTIONS has created services designed to serve less serious offenders  in an effort to reach teens before they become entangled in such things as negative peer relationships, substance abuse, and criminal activity.

In 2004, OPTIONS began taking referrals directly from the local school system, in order to make substance abuse and other services available to adolescents in need. 

Today, OPTIONS accepts direct referrals from families in the community.  Additionally, in 2013, Options piloted and implemented a program called Do You. Do You was designed to build Resilience and Healthy Relationships in youth.