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The Culpeper County Building Department has procedure changes going into effect Monday July 14, 2014. You can review our Residential Checklist and Master Plan Submittal requirements under Forms & Documents. Please check back frequently as all applications are currently being updated.

Thank you,

Building Department Staff

The 2012 Virginia Uniform Statewide Construction Code (USBC) is effective July 14, 2014. Applicants may choose to utilize the 2009 USBC for a one-year period after the effective date. The 2012 Virginia State publications are located here.

The final regulations for the 2012 Virginia code update process have been published in the April 7, 2014 Virginia Register. The publication of the regulations starts a 30-day final period, and any petitions for reconsideration, which may be filed, will be identified at the May meeting of the Board of Housing and Community Development. The effective date of the 2012 Virginia Codes will be July 14, 2014. Code sections under petition may be suspended as necessary until resolution. The regulations published in the Virginia Register can be found here. These regulations are the culmination of a two-year process, which included 12 work group meetings of a wide array of stakeholders from various organizations, industries and agencies participated. In addition to the...



The Culpeper County Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting that
was scheduled for Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Rappahannock Rapidan Planning District #9 building located at 420 South Ridge Parkway has been
rescheduled for Tuesday, June 24, 2014 7:00pm at the Lenn Park Pavilion, 18063 Stevensburg Road, Culpeper.
Questions or comments may be directed to the staff of Culpeper County Parks & Recreation at 540-727-3412 ext 7

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Use energy-efficient light bulbs, turn off lights and unplug electronics not in use. Seal air leaks. Install programmable thermostats. Upgrade windows, heating and air conditioning equipment. Change filters frequently. Install more insulation in walls and attics. Choose energy efficient appliances. If you are building new, consider the best position on the lot for trapping light and energy, and make use of energy-efficient foundation, framing, plumbing, wiring and HVAC systems now available. Green homes are also healthier homes, reducing mold, mildew and other allergens that contribute to asthma and other significant health issues. Below are tips for keeping your home dry and mold-free:

Keep it dry: install a drain pan under the water heater; place dehumidifiers in basements and other damp areas; position downspouts away from the house; repair any water damage. Keep it clean: use track-off mats at all doorways; clean up dust to eliminate...


As you evaluate the safety and construction of your new or existing deck, knowing these simple steps will help to ensure your deck is structurally sound and properly maintained.

1. Check Out Your Deck

The first step in making your deck safe is knowing that it may not be. Decks are potentially the most dangerous part of the house, according to some experts. Factors, such as improper construction, exposure to the elements and lack of maintenance can make your deck unsafe. It's important to look for the warning signs: missing or loose connections, corrosion, rot and cracks. If you are unsure about the safety of your deck, consult with a design professional or qualified contractor.



2. Carry the Weight For most homeowners, the deck is a popular gathering place for friends and family. Like a house, a deck must be designed to support the weight of people and objects placed on it as well as the forces of Mother Nature like wind, snow and earthquakes....
Backyard Safety Tips  

Practice constant, adult supervision around any body of water, including pools and spas. Nationally, drowning is a leading cause of death to children under five. If you're considering a swimming pool purchase, contact your local Building Department first to determine exactly what permits are needed and what requirements you must follow. In-ground and above-ground pools, including inflatable pools holding more than 24 inches of water, must be surrounded by a fence or other barrier at least four feet high. Any gates in the fence must be self-closing and self-latching. Reserve a spot on a wall or fence near the pool for lifesaving devices, including a portable or mobile telephone. Steps and ladders for above-ground pools should be secured or removed when the pool is not in use. Use a cover for the pool when it is not in use. Make sure drain covers are properly fitted and paired or have vacuum suction releases to prevent being trapped under water. ...
Prepare Your Family Making sure your family is prepared for any natural disaster is important. Below are some of the steps you can take to prepare your family and protect your home from natural disasters. Your actions can ensure that no matter what Mother Nature brings, you, your family and your community will be resilient.

Here are a few tips to follow from the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes – (FLASH®) when preparing your family for any emergency.

Develop a family disaster plan that includes a list of food and water supplies needed for each member of your family and supplies for your pets. Make copies of important documents like insurance policies, the deed to your home, and other personal papers, important phone numbers and a home inventory. Create a checklist of important things to do before, during and after a disaster. Review your evacuation route and emergency shelter locations with your family. Options for evacuation would include...
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