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Social Service Programs

Our agency offers the following social service programs for adults, families and children. For detailed information, please view the programs below.


Contact Main Office at (540) 727-0372 or by FAX at (540) 727-0389


Adult Services/Adult Protective Services

Coordinates the service programs oriented to adults with disabilities and seniors including Adult Services and Adult Protective Services.

Adult Services: Provides case management services including comprehensive assessments, written care plans to address unmet needs, and assistance and coordination of services as needed; needs assessment for in-home services and assistance with coordinating services; nursing home and ACR screenings for Medicaid funded long-term care; recruitment and approval of agency providers for companion services and adult foster homes. 

Adult Protective Services: Protects older adults and persons with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by investigating and providing for or arranging services, as necessary, to alleviate or prevent further mistreatment. 

Contacts: Main Line-(540) 727-0372 or by FAX at (540) 727-0389

Supervisor-Sarah Berry   (540)727-0372 x427   

Social Worker-Calvert Chilton (540)727-0372 x388   

Child Protective Services

Identifies, assesses and provides services to children and families in an effort to protect children, preserve families, whenever possible, and prevent further maltreatment. CPS is non-punitive in its approach and is directed toward enabling families to provide adequate care for their children.


Contacts: Main Line-(540) 727-0372 or by FAX at (540) 727-0389

CPS Worker-Jennifer Phillips (540) 727-0372x396 

CPS Worker-Marisa Sori  (540) 727-0372 x395


Families First


Families First is a Healthy Families America Program that seeks to partner with pre-natal/postnatal parents to provide one on one

parent education in the setting of theparents’ home. Additional goals of Families First are to foster appropriate parent child interaction

that will lead to healthy bonding and stable family relationships;promote school readiness, and healthy child development. 

Families can be referred for home visiting (Healthy Steps) during the prenatal period or until the baby is two weeks old.


Families First, provides three services, “Welcome Baby”, “Healthy Steps” and Parenting Classes. “Welcome Home Baby”

provides a one time meeting with our Family Resource Specialistwho completes a Parent Survey with pre-natal Moms and Dads (if available);

provides information on Pre and Post Natal periods, and referrals to community resources. “Healthy Steps”is a home visiting where a

Family Support Coordinator partners with parents to provide them with the latest information on infant care, and child development with the goal of

healthy child development and school readiness. Parenting Classes that are open to the public, are offered monthly

Galbreath-Marshall Center to give parents the tools they need to be successful parents. The goal of all our services is to provide parents

with the tools they need to ensure a “Healthy Start” in life for their children. 


For information regarding our programs, please contact Beth Stanley, our Family Resource Specialist at (540) 321-3074


Contacts: Culpeper Human Services, P.O. Box 1355, Culpeper, Virginia 22701-6355
Family Resource Specialist-Beth Stanley (540) 321-3074
Family Support Coordinator-Sue Johnson (540) 321-3073
Family Support Coordinator-Vicky Martinez (540) 321-3072 

Program Manager/Supervisor-Bill Ballard (540) 321-3071  



Foster Care/Adoption/Independent Living


Foster Care: 

Works with trained foster parents who are people (single or married; employed inside or outside the home) who open their home to a child and are committed to meet the individual needs of the child (children who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect are placed into foster care); Foster parents work in partnership with the child, the agency, and the birth parents to help in resolving problems and reuniting the family whenever possible. When determined necessary, some children are placed into residential facilities based on their needs. 



Assists children who have been permanently and legally separated from their birth parents to become permanent members of a new family. The goal of adoption is the third ranking permanency planning goal for Virginian children in foster care. Return of the child to the birth parents is the first goal and placement with relatives with a transfer of custody to the relative is the second goal. The goal of adoption is selected for children in foster care when the two higher-ranking goals cannot be achieved. 

Independent Living: 

Assists foster care youth, ages 16-21, in developing the skills necessary to make the transition from foster care to independent living. 

Contacts: Main Line-(540) 727-0372 or by FAX at (540) 727-0389

Supervisor-LeAnn Schwake (540) 727-0372 x383  

Social Worker-Taren Lambert  (540) 727-0372 x380 

Social Worker-Kathy Ghigliotty  (540) 727-0372 x387  

Social Worker-Valerie Ward  (540) 727-0372 x382  

Foster Care Trainer-Robin Martinez  (540) 727-0372 x386  

Foster Care Trainer-Holly Boswell   (540) 727-0372 x377
Service Coordinator-Jennifer Carrico  (540)727-0372 x368


Contact Information
Main Office/Mailing Address
1835 Industry Drive
PO Box 1355
Culpeper, VA 22701  
Main Telephone (540) 727-0372
FAX (540) 727-7584
Service Lobby Hours M-F 8-4:30pm
State Hotline Numbers:
Adult Protective Services 1-800-83-ADULT
Child Abuse and Neglect 1-800-552-7096
Child Support Enforcement 1-800-468-8894
Family Violence/Sexual Assault 1-800-838-8238
FAMIS: Family Access to Medical Insurance Security 1-866-87-FAMIS
VDSS Fraud Hotline 1-877-553-3636
VSP Terrorist Tip Hotline 1-866-488-8554
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