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The Commonwealth's Attorney

Welcome to the web site for the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney for Culpeper, Virginia.




Megan R. Frederick, Commonwealth's  Attorney

      My belief is that the primary responsibility of government at every level is public safety. Everything else that citizens can accomplish, achieve and enjoy depends upon it. Schools, businesses, recreational pursuits, faith and family life are enhanced and thrive when our citizens feel safe. Justice belongs to everyone and must be protected at all times.
      All prosecutors must act with fairness and integrity. To the extent it is within our power, we must ensure that our citizens can have confidence in the awesome, powerful process that determines a person's guilt and punishment. No case should be brought against a defendant unless there is a substantial likelihood, based on the facts, evidence and applicable law, that the result will be, beyond a reasonable doubt, a verdict of guilty.
       The primary mission of the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is to review and prosecute all felony cases, domestic violence, and certain other misdemeanor cases (where required by law) and to provide legal training and advice to police officers and other local officials. In accomplishing this mission, the office reviews all felony, domestic violence, and selected misdemeanor cases and prosecutes those cases where there is sufficient, legally admissible evidence. Cases presented by the Commonwealth's Attorney are tried in the Circuit, General District, and Juvenile Courts. In addition, the Office handles civil cases such as election law violations, forfeiture actions against property used in connection with illegal activities, and other matters.
     In addition to this primary mission, the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney protects the rights of crime victims under the Constitution of Virginia. Our top priorities are to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit, and to ensure that the rights of crime victims are honored and respected throughout the criminal justice process.
  Megan R. Frederick                             



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