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How to Schedule an Inspection




Third Party Inspection Policy


Third Party Inspectors are available on this website.  Third Party inspections must be previously approved.  If we are unable to inspect within a 2-day time frame you may contact one of our approved Third Party Inspection Company. 

Listed below are the following inspections a Third Party inspector can perform:


        Setback and Footing Inspections to determine if the project meets established distances from property lines and right away.


        Concrete:  Footings, Poured Walls, Structural Slabs (and grade-beams), Non-structural slabs and Backfill inspections to include proper

        damp-proofing/water-proofing and foundation drainage.



 1.  Scheduling an Inspection On-line:



You are able to access our on-line request scheduling 24/7. Once your inspection request has been received & scheduled by our staff, you will receive a confirmation via email. These inspection requests are no longer automatic & will be pending until approved. You must have the permit number and permit year. 


You do not have to establish a password.  A password is generally designated by the Project Manager if only one person is to schedule inspections. Otherwise you click to continue.


Always complete your email address as this is the only means of confirmation.  When scheduling always choose "Next Available" to ensure a guaranteed confirmation. Select 'Specific Date' only if you wish to schedule 3 or more days forward.  We cannot guarantee next day inspections.  Under comments, leave the name of the contact person and the best business hours phone number.  In addition to finding on-line scheduling on Building Dept. website you can also access this option by choosing 'eservices' from the County's home page.  Again, simply choose Building Inspection Requests.




 2. Scheduling an Inspection by Telephone:



Our Permit Technicians will schedule your inspection and will confirm your date at that time. Our request lines are opened Monday-Friday 8:00 to 4:00.  Generally, next day inspections are available up to 2:00 p.m.  After 2:00 p.m. inspections are based on the next available. 


Inspectors begin their inspections at 7:30 a.m. until all are complete.  Currently we are offering a two-hour time frame for your inspection.  Again, when scheduling you must have the permit number and the permit year.   You can check on your next day inspection on our home page in the top right column.  You can also telephone (540) 727-3405 and choosing option #2 from our phone tree. This line is a recorded message and is published dailly at 4:30 pm.


Culpeper County Building Department - 302 N. Main Street - Culpeper, VA 22734

(540) 727-3405 - Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.








During periods when inclement weather causes a closure of Culpeper County Offices the following procedures will be in effect regarding inspections:


Ø  Inspections scheduled but not performed due to inclement weather will be rescheduled for the next business day we are open.

Ø  All inspections scheduled will be moved by one or, the total number days our offices are closed.

Ø  Outside inspections like ground plumbing, sewer water laterals, foundations, piers, etc. will be cancelled for that day and rescheduled for the next available day where conditions will allow for the inspection.

Ø  Additional emphasis will be placed on utilizing all available inspection staff in the field to conduct additional inspections to help alleviate the backlog; however this is purely dependant on manpower resources within the department.


On days when Culpeper County Offices open late due to inclement weather the following procedures are in effect:

Ø    Outside inspections such as ground plumbing, sewer water laterals, foundations, piers, etc. will be cancelled for that day and rescheduled for the next available day where conditions will allow for the inspection.

Ø    All inside inspections will be scheduled however the available time remaining in the day after we are open will dictate how many inspections we can get performed.

Ø    Inspections not performed will move to the next business day, which will cause a ripple effect on the schedule. Example: Inspections scheduled but not completed on a Monday due to inclement weather, would move to Tuesday. These inspections would take priority on Tuesday however due to the

   increased work load some inspections scheduled on Tuesday previously might have to move to Wednesday.


Understanding timelines are critical to your project, we regret any inconvenience this may cause.



Robert P. Orr, CBO

Building Official

Culpeper County 



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