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Election and Responsibilities
Election of the Supervisors is held as a part of the State's general election in November in odd-numbered years. At its organizational meeting in January, the Board organizes itself and selects one of it members to serve as chairman and another member to serve as its vice-chairman. The Board of Supervisors has both administrative and legislative responsibilities. The powers and duties of the local Board of Supervisors include:
  • preparing the County budget and appropriating funds; levying County taxes; appointing members of various boards and committees;

  • pre-auditing claims against the County and issuing warrants for their settlement; constructing and maintaining County buildings and other property; adopting the county's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, approving and enforcing zoning and other land use ordinances;

  • and adopting and enforcing ordinances for police, sanitation, health, and other purposes as permitted by State law.
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